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Visual C++ _can_ compile C++ and C programs, but the backbone of the system is the Microsoft Foundation Class Library, a set of C++ classes that encapsulate Windows API functions (and quite a lot more).  While this speeds the process of software development for those familiar with the MFC, it isn't easy to learn if you don't know C++ or the Windows programming.  So, at least buy 2 books, and maybe a 3rd on object oriented programming principles, and *maybe* even a fourth on Windows programming.

(I finally gave up on MFC and have returned to DOS programming.  However, there are alternatives to Visual C++ and MFC which you might look into.)

In message <3 DOT 0 DOT 32 DOT 19980101151200 DOT 00a3c100 AT dataplusnet DOT com>, Michael Matczynski <michaelm AT dataplusnet DOT com> wrote:
> I have read a book about C and understand it.  I have done some programming
> with games and apps in DOS for awhile, but now I would like to move onto
> Windows programming with Visual C++ 5.0.  What would be better?  Buying 2
> books, one that teaches C++ and another book that teaches Visual C++?  Or
> would it be better to buy a book that teaches C++ and Visual C++ in the
> same book.  How much is there to learn about C++ (is there so much that you
> need to devote an entire book to it)?
> What books do you recommend for C++/Visual C++?
> Thanks,
> Mike
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