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Subject: Using NASM with DJGPP and RHIDE
Date: 2 Jan 1998 00:29:28 GMT
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Heya folks, see that subject line? I need help on that....
I'll quote a document on this particular subject...

>  1.  Open the project window;
>  2.  Select the .asm file you want to compile with NASM;
>  3.  Hit Ctrl-O for the file's local options;
>  4.  Select "User" for compiler;
>  5.  Enter "nasm -f coff $(SOURCE_FILE)" in the "Compiler" text area; and
>  6.  Set the error-checking to "built-in C-compiler".
I've tried this already, no luck. I've got "Type nasm -h for help" or something
to that effect in the compilation window. I've also changed the $(SOURCE_FILE)
portion to $(SOURCE_NAME) when I looked at the RHIDE help file to see that they
probably changed it. Same error. (Grr... )=< ) Can anyone help? I'm using RHIDE
v1.4 and NASM v0.95, if that has anything to do with it. I've RTFM'd, so please
excuse the flames.

PS. Please for the love of god e-mail me directly instead of posting the
message on the newsgroup. I don't have the time to search for replies addressed
to myself
on high-traffic NG's like this.

- The document I'm talking about is at

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