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From: "Joshua Eckstein" <kwe1 AT flash DOT net>
Subject: *** OpenGL/3Dfx acceleration in DOS w/ DJGPP ***
Date: 1 Jan 1998 23:25:37 GMT
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Subject: *** OpenGL/3Dfx acceleration in DOS w/ DJGPP ***
From: Josh Eckstein
Reply via: kwe1 AT flash DOT net

I have found, after downloading many a 3D acceleration SDK, and reading
many pages of documentation that it is rather hard to find just one
SDK/library for

1. DOS;
3. 3D Hardware (for example, boards with a 3Dfx chip).

I have downloaded the Glide/3Dfx SDK. While taking advantage of the 3Dfx
hardware, it is only for Win32 via MSVC or DOS via Watcom. It includes no
DJGPP compatible libraries.

I have downloaded the Mesa library. While similar, if not exactly like,
OpenGL, and usable under DJGPP, it does not take advantage of 3D hardware
under DOS (I don't think - someone correct me if I'm wrong).

Could somebody point me to where I could find a library/SDK for DOS to use
DJGPP that takes advantage of 3D hardware?

Josh Eckstein
kwe1 AT flash DOT net

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