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Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998 20:55:41 +0000
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In article <34AA759D DOT 48E8FD58 AT spacey DOT net>, Joseph W Gabrielski
<jgabe AT spacey DOT net> writes
>I think it has something to do with the Tab character to start the
>second line.  I've tried using the Tab key, ^I, and 9 but the compiler
>recognizes none of them.  Here's the makefile:

Maybe you will have to change your editor. If you're using (as
supplied with Windows '95), don't lose hope! Ctrl+P, followed by the
control character you want, will do this for you. The only thing to bear
in mind is that you must enter the control character using Alt and the
numeric keypad.

So, to insert a tab, you would "just" type Ctrl+P, Alt+0,0,9. Simple :-/

If you've got a Borland product with Turbovision editor somewhere (TC++
3.1, BP w/ objects 7.0, TP7, BC++ 3.1 and maybe others) or the editor
that comes with Laplink Pro (and possibly other laplinks as well), use
these: they all handle tabs properly. But don't let me tell you which
editor to use, because I use EDIT.COM on a regular basis :-) And I quite
like it too :-O


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