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Subject: Re: rhide/djgpp compile problem
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spork AT blue DOT misnet DOT com wrote in message <883633769 DOT 291897358 AT dejanews DOT com>...
>I just installed djgpp with rhide and allegro yesterday. Since then, I've
>been fooling around with it and testing things out. However, I am unable
>to compile a simple test program. When I try to compile, the message
>window shows:
>Compiling: test.c
>There were some errors.
>I'm not sure what to do. The program won't run or anything. It is a simple
>"Hello World" program which I copied verbatim from the documentation.
>I don't know if this is a problem with my settings. So far rhide and
>djgpp seem to have worked fine. I compiled Allegro and successfully
>compiled the demo program.
>I have looked through the documentation to both djgpp and rhide, but I
>can't find anything that might explain this. Any help would be greatly
>Alex Lee
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No errors reported. If there was a syntax error, it would say something like:

Compiling: test.c
test.c: In function 'main',
test.c:13: "argv" undefined (First use of this function)
test.c:13: (Each undeclared function is reported only
test.c:13: once for each function it appears in)
test.c:17: Parse error before '*'
There were some errors

But there was nothing. That makes me suspect the program was not run at all. The
spawn[xxx] function returns -1 if it cannot find or run the program. Rhide
probably saw that this number was not 0. Because it was not 0, it automaticly
assumed there was an error.

Check if you installed properly. Make sure C:\DJGPP\BIN is in your path. That's
porbably it.
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