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Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 17:32:53 GMT
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There was some mentioning somewhere about a djgpp book with
some advanced stuff in it. But I did not  know how far  the book
is, and if there is already something available..


Noam Rotem <nrotem AT johnbryce DOT co DOT il> wrote:


>I'm looking for c/c++ exercises for beginners and pros. I already have a 
>large collection of questions and answers of different levels of difficulty, 
>but I'm always looking for more stuff.

>I teach basically ANSI C, using UNIX gcc (in class), and djgpp (at students' 

Did you also have included STL exercises, and design questions(as
oppossed to code exercises )??

>I wonder (hoping it is not the totally wrong forum for this purpose) if 
>anyone can point me to databases of exercises (I don't even need the 
>answers, only the instructions) or forums dealing with such affairs. I'm 
>running out of genuine ideas... 


>New learners - you may contact me if you are interested in exercises and 
>questions, step by step. I can translate some stuff for you... 

>Noam Rotem
>John Bryce Training Centre
>Tel Aviv, Israel.

Take care,


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