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Subject: Re: Vectors in DJGPP ?
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Stritt AT t-online DOT de (Stritt) wrote:


>In "normal" C++ I have a container called "Vector" which is a kind of dynamic array.

>Normaly I can do like this:

>#include <vector>
>vector<int> test(10);  // allocates a array of INTs with 10 elements

>test.resize(11);  // to increase the array up to 11 elements

>test[11]=200;  // now I can write the 11th element...

>test.resize(test.size()+1);  // to increase the array 1 emement, "size()" gives the
>                             // actual element size

>In DJGPP I can use the Include-File <vector>, then I have the container "vector" and I
>can make an vector like above.

>But: there exists no function like "resize" to resize the array, and no function like
>"size" to get the actual element size of the array.

Thats not true. cout<< test.size();
will work fine..
If resize is not a member(which btw my original STL documentation
does not mention too) then it would not be very difficult to use:

Both will do what you want.

What remains is a design guestion. Why is pop_back in gcc implemented
as void??? Or put it another way: why not call it delete_back in that
case ??

Take care,


>Does anyone know how the functions are called in DJGPP ???

>mr rooTS


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