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Date: Thu, 01 Jan 1998 15:09:14 +0100
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Oscar Alarcón Palomar wrote :
>     Hello, again
>         I'm very sorry but I think I don't have any viruses (the

Why you are so sure? Have you read Eli´s answer?

> attchament are two files, gcc witch don't have any problem and go32-v2
> witch has the "not COFF2". When I use another cofiguration from a system

And now you want, that anyone else benefits from your (probably)
viruses? If so, then you are are totally wrong not only here in the
group but also anywhere in the internet.

At first this is not a binary group where you can post executables.
At second, you are posting exe´s which are defeinitely not the originals
from the DJGPP distribution. I haven´t run your programs, but a simple
look on at least go32-v2.exe shows me, that the file is modified
(different start address in the exe-header, garbage at the end, ...)

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