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Subject: Re: [Help] [DJGPP] [CWSDPMI] "16-bit DPMI unsupported."
Date: 1 Jan 1998 13:03:38 GMT
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Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET) <salvador AT inti DOT gov DOT ar> wrote in article
<m0xmfE3-000S26C AT inti DOT gov DOT ar>...
> hefurnes AT online DOT no (Kjetil Furnes) wrote:
> > Hey.

> > 	"16-bit DPMI unsupported."
> If anyone has had this problem and knows what might be causing it,
> > please help me, I can't seem to find anything that suggests a
> > solution.
If you are using Borland tools and DJGPP at the same time, be carefull on
the versions. I successfully use gmake from version 1. of DJGPP with
and use the GMAKE from version 2 with DJGPP version 2. Just rename one of
them -
I use GMAKEOLD for the version 1 GMAKE - it will load the BORLAND tools

Good Luck


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