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Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998 10:35:25 +0200 (IST)
From: Eli Zaretskii <eliz AT is DOT elta DOT co DOT il>
To: Jeffrey N Woodford <jwoodfor AT unlgrad1 DOT unl DOT edu>
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Subject: Re: DJGPP and NT Alpha
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On 31 Dec 1997, Jeffrey N Woodford wrote:

> FX!32 is installed on this machine.  I guess that does the trick...?
> I don't really know how FX!32 works.  In general I didn't think Alpha
> NT could run Intel binaries.

I don't know what FX!32 is.  Is it an x86 emulator?

> Well it turned out that I needed to turn the forward slashes around to
> backslashes and change the drive letter references in my DJGPP.ENV
> file and that seemed to fix some things.

I cannot understand why this could explain anything.  DJGPP should
work OK with any type of slashes.  If anything, forward slashes should
give *less* problems, not more.  I suggest that you investigate this a
bit more.

> "hello world" programs.  But other, more complex programs will compile
> but not run, because it says the program is too big to fit in memory
> when it clearly is not.

Please post the smallest program that causes this problem, and also
the exact command line you used to compile it.  The exact quote of the
error message(s) that you see would also be nice.

>  (The machine has 256 MB of RAM and the program in question is only
> 433 lines.)

A 433-line program can allocate gobs of memory, and NT doesn't
necessarily makes all of your 256MB of memory available as DPMI memory
(which is what DJGPP uses).

> DPMI memory available: 13943 Kb

So you only have about 13.5MB of DPMI memory.

> Is my lack of swap space the reason why it won't run these "large"
> programs?

Swap space is not the issue.  The sum of the DPMI memory and the swap
space reported by go32-v2 is the total memory available to DJGPP
programs.  If you ask for more than that, you get failure (null
pointer from malloc, etc.).

> I tried this simple program and the pointer d returned NULL.  Is my
> program unreasonable?

Yes, it asks for 32MB (4,000,000 times 8 bytes), whereas you only have

>  E:\DJGPP\include
>  E:\DJGPP\contrib\grx20\include
This is *wrong*!  Did you edit your DJGPP.ENV file?  If so, please
revert to the stock version from  These path names
should NEVER have backslashes in them.  Various things in DJGPP will
break if they do.

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