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Date: 19 Dec 1997 12:13:23 +0100
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"David Grant" <dgrant3 AT ibm DOT net> writes:

> Now I want to split this into three files, one which has my class
> definition, the function headers/prototypes called set.h; another, which
> implements these functions, called set.* (what should I call this file?),
> and another file which included the driver code, calls to the functions,
> etc... called main.* (what should I call this file?)

Here is the example:
============================== set.h
class X {
	X (void);
	// other declarations
#include "set.h"

X::X (void) {
// do something

// other definitions

#include "set.h"

int main (void) {
	X x;
	return 0;
============================== compilation line
gcc -g -Wall -o program -lgpp
============================== end of example
However, writing this compilation line again and again would be
(1) rather boring, (2) it enforces recompilation of both files,
even if only one changed.

So, you should consider writing simple makefile:
============================== makefile
CXXFLAGS = -g -Wall
LDLIBS = -lgpp

program: program.o set.o

program.o: set.h

set.o: set.h
============================== end of makefile
and then simply say `make' to recompile only needed part of your

Hope this helps,

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