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Subject: Re: EMACS and Win95/DOS
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 15:06:33 -0800
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Jose de Jesus Castillo wrote in message <679bd0$gss AT post DOT gsfc DOT nasa DOT gov>...
>Everything seems to work but emacs. When I
>try to run it under Win95, I get disk activity and a DOS window comes up
>a few seconds before flashing away without bringing up emacs. Under DOS is
>gives disk activity then returns a prompt with no emacs. I was going to try
>to start rebuilding it but I can't run config msdos. Some of the installed
>files have truncated endings(ie. config~1, etc..) I am missing
>something? Any ideas in fixing this, I would really like to use it.

If you plan on doing most of your development under Windows 95 I would
highly recommend that you
use NT/95 Emacs instead of DOS Emacs.  Its available from

As to your problems, you are correct in your semi-guess that it is LFN
related.  Try re-extracting and
preserving long file names, and then set LFN=y in either your environment or
your djgpp.env file.  Or maybe try setting LFN=n and leaving files as it.



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