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From: yin tan cui <z2191317 AT student DOT unsw DOT edu DOT au>
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Subject: how to get a copy of video memory ?
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 13:03:02 +1000
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I'm writing a program that uses these screen functions in "pc.h", such
as ScreenPutString() to print some colored strings to the screen. The
problem I'm having is that when the number of lines I printed exceeds
the max row number(eg: when I'm using a 80x25 dos window, 
       No. of lines printed > 25)

I guess I need to update the screen in this case. ie. use 
void ScreenUpdate(void *buf)
where buf should contain an exact replica of the video memory, including
the chars and their attributes.

Am I right ? and if so, How to get an exact replica of video memory ?
if I'm wrong, What should I do ?

Thank you very much for your help.
(please reply by mail to    z2191317 AT student DOT unsw DOT edu DOT au )

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