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Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 10:53:24 +0300
From: Dim Zegebart <zager AT post DOT comstar DOT ru>
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Subject: Re: Using the modem and COM ports 2 & 4 :)
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NonReal wrote:
> Well... I'm trying to figure this out again...  Does anyone have a good
> reference to a library for DJGPP to use the com ports?  All I'm trying
> to is write a program to dial up a friend's computer running the same
> program, and then exchange ASCII text, maybe just a small chat program
> and I can figure out the rest from there :)
I know three libs - BCSerio, SVAsync - stand alone libs (look at simtel
ftp under DJGPP tree)
last one is my own lib DZComm - add-on for Allegro.

Dim Zegebart, 
Moscow Russia.
Ghostly basement :
DZCOMM - comm library for Allegro

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