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00:31:13 Using the modem and COM ports 2 & 4 :) (NonReal)
01:15:23 Re: Cannot get DJGPP to work (A. Sinan Unur)
01:15:24 Re: No more messages, (A. Sinan Unur)
01:15:25 Re: easy Allegro grahics help (Paul Derbyshire)
01:31:14 Re: What is the difference between gcc and gxx? (A. Sinan Unur)
02:15:22 GNU Readline (Dennis Bjorklund)
02:54:29 Re: Using the modem and COM ports 2 & 4 :) (Dim Zegebart)
02:56:54 Re: drawing methods (Theuzifan)
03:00:14 Re: Need a good Allegro Tutorial (WarGamer99)
04:02:16 Re: VESA 2.0 (Lonnie McCullough)
04:30:19 how to get a copy of video memory ? (yin tan cui)
04:45:18 Rhide won't start my programs. (Tommy de Roos)
05:06:26 Re: grx22 anx X11 (Orlando Andico)
05:28:33 GNU Readline (Trond Endrestol)
05:37:35 gcc output redirection (Theuzifan)
06:15:55 Re: Interrupt handlers (Ryan McGee)
06:45:14 Instead of goto??? (Bill McNeely)
07:13:19 Re: GNU Readline (Cesar Scarpini Rabak)
07:15:13 What TCP libraries do you use? (
07:23:18 Re: gcc output redirection (
07:45:16 Re: EMACS and Win95/DOS (Andrew Crabtree)
07:59:38 Re[2]: Where is documentation for Sword library? (Alexander Bokovoy)
08:15:23 RE: VESA 2.0 (Olmeca)
08:30:24 What is the difference between gcc and gxx? (Mark Phillips)
08:30:26 Re: Which is best? C or C++ ??? (Clayton Long)
08:30:33 Re: gcc output redirection (Olivier Perron)
08:33:44 Linked lists and other examples (Rob den Boer)
12:27:17 Compiling GIT (
16:32:18 arbitrary precision math (Wm Deering)
16:45:41 Re: Hey Gurus! Problem with First interruptcall in prog (A. Sinan Unur)
17:30:21 Re: C++ to DJGPP Conversion Problem !!! (Vic)
18:31:37 C++ to DJGPP Conversion Problem !! Corrected Version (Majestic)
18:31:40 C++ to DJGPP Conversion Problem !!! (Majestic)
19:15:27 Re: Hi (A. Sinan Unur)
19:45:59 Re: emacs & windows 95 & newbie questions (Ian Miller)
20:00:29 Re: Libc reference in HTML? (Thomas Demmer)
20:45:28 Re: GNU Readline (Andy Eskilsson)
21:45:27 Re: Simple Rhide stuff (help) anybody (Tony O'Bryan)
22:15:24 Re: Beginer's Question (Jerzy Witkowski)
22:15:39 rsxntdj (mno)
23:15:40 Re: gcc output redirection (A. Sinan Unur)

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