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Toy Keeper wrote:

> Jens von der Heydt wrote:
> > and was very happy to get that hicolor-support. Now I `m looking for
> > a good Programm to draw Sprites and (maybe) test the animation in 
> > that prog as well. Is there any prog you can tell me about? Would be 
> > great to get highcolor-support as well.
> Well, it's not ready yet; but I'm working on a program which is 
> probably what you're looking for.  Meanwhile, I've also seen a somewhat 
> similar program called Ryan's Sprite Editor.  I lost the URL, but it's 
> mentioned on one of Allegro's pages.

Yeah, but you won't find it if you look for Ryan's Sprite Editor. Look
for RSE instead, or go to the link in my .sig. (and yes, it has

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