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In article <1oBO+HAgk9k0EwcW AT talula DOT demon DOT co DOT uk>,
   Shawn Hargreaves <Shawn AT talula DOT demon DOT co DOT uk> wrote:
>Gautam N. Lad writes:
>>What am I doing wrong? I'm not getting gpfs, or compilation errors. 
>Well, what are you getting? You don't say what the problem is :-)
Nothing now.

>You are doing the filtering in an RGB structure, which contains unsigned
>char fields. But I think some of your temporary values will overflow
>that range, so you really need to use int or float types.
>Where does the source image come from? Are you sure it is a valid
>graphic in the correct color depth for the video mode? If you are
>loading it before you set the screen mode, it may be getting converted
>into the wrong pixel format...

Well, here's what happened.  I blit the image at (0,0), but when the filtering 
process is run, it starts at (-2, -2), which was causing incorrect rgb values to 
come out.  So, I moved the image a little, so the filtering would start at (0,0), 
everything worked.
I changed the rgb to my own RGBI so it's an int, and I already did that, when it 
was causing problems.

The problems was the modified image.  I didn't look right.

Thanks anyways!

Gautam N. Lad
E-Mail:	gautam AT interlog DOT com

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