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Subject: Re: long filenames not available to DJGPP on NT?
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 13:00:03 +0000
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H.N. writes:
>1. DOS is dying and less and less usage will be found for it. 

Perhaps. But since djgpp is a DOS compiler, if you think that, maybe you
would be better off using one of native win32 gcc ports?

>I'm puzzled by the sharp responses on this NG every time this question 
>is raised

I think people get annoyed by this question not because you are asking
for specific win32 support, but because you are asking someone else to
write it. It is a basic fact of life that there are always more things
needing to be coded than there are people to do them. If anyone cared
enough about this problem to want to spend their time solving it, they
will already be doing that without you needing to ask (in fact I believe
that someone is already working on this). So when you make a request
like this, you are basically either asking someone to give up some other
project that they are currently doing in order to help you with your
problem, or you are asking someone who is already working on it to hurry
up and do it more quickly. Neither of these seems very reasonable to me,
which is why people tend to turn around and say that if you need it that
badly, you should code it yourself...

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