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Subject: Re: Dual monitors with rhide?
Date: 14 Dec 1997 09:50:47 GMT
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DidUReally (didureally AT aol DOT com) writes:
>   Does rhide support dual monitors like turbo debugger and codeview?  Also, are
> there alternative IDE's other than rhide?

The dox say yes, but some people experience problems or so I heard.

As for alternative IDEs, there are a few, but none quite as good...
notably, you can use DOS Edit (but never never ever use it for
Makefiles!), Windows Notepad (but if you wanna write big sourcefiles,
you're in deep doodoo), or a certain editor-cum-operating-system I shall
not name, which has a learning curve like e^x and a manual the size of a
phone book and half as well organized ;-)
There's also PFE32for Windows 95/NT. It's okay. It doesn't beat Rhide
though. RHIDE has been specifically optimized and set up for DJGPP

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