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Subject: Re: long filenames not available to DJGPP on NT?
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In article <RUluEKAqcyk0Ewqn AT foobar DOT co DOT uk>, Paul Shirley <Paul AT chocolat DOT obvious DOT fake DOT foobar DOT co DOT uk> wrote:
>AFAIK a djgpp program is *not* a Win32 console app, it runs in the DOS
>emulator. As such it has no access to any Win32 functions, and its the
>DOS emulator that lacks support for long filenames.
>Paul Shirley: my email address is 'obvious'ly anti-spammed

It true and we hear this answer for some years.
1. DOS is dying and less and less usage will be found for it. I'm puzzled by 
the sharp responses on this NG every time this question is raised
2. Long file names are here to stay and if MS will not supply an easy 
interface to it I'm sure that some of the highly talented people on this 
NG can find an answer. 
My main interest are NT programs that need to access Unix drives that are 
mounted on NT - long file names are a must. This is just a short description 
of the problem.


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