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00:47:14 Games programming group? (ph)
02:16:53 Re: djgpp and compatbilty with turbo c and other compliers (DigitalFX)
04:34:46 Jlib compiling problem (Roger W. Huggins)
05:33:27 Any OS/2 users with DJGPP (iwaki)
05:33:29 AAaaaaaaaaargh! I can't get DJGPP, GCC to work at all! (Aquinas)
05:33:36 Re: System crash when craeting exe-file (George Foot)
06:17:26 p2c (mephisto)
07:16:28 Re: (none) (John M. Aldrich)
07:23:22 It`s true I asure you that !!!! $$$$ (marcio Suarez)
08:01:14 High resolution timer problems.. (
08:01:16 Blit timing - complicated? (
08:16:30 Re: binutils 2.8.1 performance = slow (Vic)
09:11:30 Re: Blit timing - complicated? (Orlando Andico)
09:16:25 Re: Blit timing - complicated? (Michal Mertl)
09:16:28 Re: Hardware Cursor Control (Michal Mertl)
10:17:02 Newbie Needs Help (Matthew R Krause)
10:46:17 Re: Post a Game!!! (Neil Chinnery)
10:46:18 Re: djgpp and compatbilty with turbo c and other compliers (Guido Gonzato)
11:31:27 Re: Any OS/2 users with DJGPP (Schuster)
11:33:24 BLITTING (in some case) (Fabrice ILPONSE)
12:12:35 Re: Pointer to ... and a question (Nate Eldredge)
12:12:36 Re: Header of PCX files (Nate Eldredge)
12:12:38 Re: GNU binutils 2.8.1: ar.exe (Nate Eldredge)
12:16:19 Re: djgpp and compatbilty with turbo c and other compliers (George Foot)
12:31:53 Re: Newbie Needs Help (Fabrice ILPONSE)
13:17:27 RHIDE and co-processors ... (
13:17:28 Someone should write a web viewer (ron newman)
14:03:12 Re: Newbie Needs Help (A. Sinan Unur)
14:31:42 Alternate malloc? (DJ Delorie)
14:32:34 More pallete problems... (KillFerFun)
15:05:23 Re: BinUtils 2.8.1 speed. (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
15:32:35 djgpp_last_ctor et al. (D. Hibbs)
16:32:59 Re: Pointer to a function & calling this function after... (VESA LIB) (Paulo Marques)
16:33:00 Re: Intermittent Run-Time of DJGPP App under Win95 (George Foot)
16:33:03 DLM (Andrew Ellem)
16:44:04 Re: Newbie Needs Help (Brett Porter)
17:17:40 Compiling Linux kernel with DJGPP (Ed Avis)
17:32:32 BETATRON high level lib for 2D platform & action arcade games (Liouros Thanasis)
17:32:46 G++ bugs? (SWars Matt)
17:58:24 The BSD Copyright (Peter Palotas)
18:01:52 zlib and djgpp 2.01 (Troy D Van Horn)
18:32:40 Re: MIDAS & ALLEGRO (Andrew Cottrell)
18:48:03 look what i found (
21:03:24 Re: binutils 2.8.1 performance = slow (Michael Bukin)
22:02:52 Loading a palette from a datafile (Funkdog32)
23:02:52 Re: Newbie Needs Help (Steve Patton)
23:02:54 Re: vim5.0 for DJGPP (David Jenkins)

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