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From: leathm AT solwarra DOT gbrmpa DOT gov DOT au (Leath Muller)
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Subject: Re: MGL and djgpp?
To: tudor AT cam DOT org (Vic)
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 11:41:17 +1000 (EST)
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In-Reply-To: <> from "Vic" at Nov 25, 97 04:15:44 pm

> you know, I did that and the FOX&bear demos chrashes (somewhere in the
> graphix init functions. All the other demos work. But ONLY if I have
> display doctor installed! If I don't have the SDD running, the demos
> hang. Why? I got a Cirrus logic 5440 card...Do you NEED the SDD to run
> MGL?

I have been playing with the MGL for about, oh, 3 hours now... :)  But
one thing I noticed (I use the VC 5 Win32 stuff) is that it requests _all_
graphics modes, including Linear, VBE, VBEAF, DirectX, etc etc... I
CANNOT select the 320x200 256 colour (VGA) mode... :( But I CAN select
320x240x256 (ModeX). If I sometimes select a mode that isn't there, it
just shuts down back to the desktop (Vis Studio, DOS prompt, whatever). 

I suggest playing with some of the code to see if changing what modes
it uses helps... try and restrict the selections, and try selecting modes

I am being kinda brief cause I am in a hurry, but if you forward what
programs your having trouble with, I will play with them under Win32 and
see if I have the same problem. If I don't I will play with the DOS stuff


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