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Subject: Re: Excessive exe sizes

On Tue, 25 Nov 1997 06:35:31 -0600, Tony O'Bryan wrote:

>	That depends on the situation, of course.  For allocating arrays that
>are auto-initialized, how else is the program to know what values the
>array should have at startup?  Have the program code fill the array at
>run-time?  That takes much more disk space to write the code overhead. 
>The only optimization in this case (that I can think of) is to have gcc
>check if the array is hard coded to autoinitialize to all zeros.  If so,
>then the startup code could be generated to run a small loop to write
>zeros to all locations.  That case would eliminate disk bloat for large
>global arrays.

	And this is exactly what SHOULD be done. Out of all optimizations which GCC does this should be 
the easier to implement.


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