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Date: Tue, 25 Nov 97 18:47:01
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Subject: Re: Excessive exe sizes

On 25 Nov 1997 05:14:03 GMT, George Foot wrote:

>Shouldn't it?  I'm afraid it does, under some circumstances.  That's
>what this whole thread is about...
>*  If the array is initialised (even only in part), it *has* to be
>stored in the .exe file -- where else will it get the initialisation
>*  In C++ all static arrays (initialised or not) are stored in the
>executable file in full.

	I understand what you mean but unless you specifically declared what values are to be stored in the 
static array isn't it plain dumb to store a bunch of zeros (when you know ahead of time the array hasn't been 
initialized) in the EXE? I figure it should be VERY easy to optimize this kind of garbage out of an EXE.


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