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Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 16:21:37 +0200
From: Alexander Bokovoy <bokovoy AT bspu DOT ac DOT by>
Organization: BSPU named after Maxim Tank
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Subject: Re: Help, PThreads from FSU
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Sean Gilley wrote:
>  I am unable to get pthreads package from
> FSUni to build the lib. The readme in the
> package specifically states the use
> of DJGPP ver2.

I have the same problem also but what messages you got?
I found that setjmp.h from /threads/src/ includes setjmp.h from DJGPP
standard header's directory:
  #include <setjmp.h>
and this line have strange behavior: preprocessor doesn't include
correct setjmp.h, it includes /threads/src/setjmp.h again and again. I
was solve this problem by replacing /threads/src/setjmp.h by
/threads/src/setjmpX.h with the same contents and correct lines in some
.c sources (I don't remember in which) from
 #include "setjmp.h"
 #include "setjmpX.h"
With this it compiles ok, even example4.c from PDMLWP package with
replacements to analogue API calls works OK! (I was modify this example
- planetary motions around the same sun - to work with GRX 2.2).
If your problems does not connected with this please report it more

Alexander Bokovoy, <bokovoy AT bspu DOT ac DOT by>
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