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Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 10:50:33 +0100
From: Molnar Laszlo <molnarl AT cdata DOT tvnet DOT hu>
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To: djgpp-announce AT delorie DOT com
Subject: Announce: DJP 1.06

Hi All!

The newest version of DJP, an executable file compressor for DJGPP v2 
programs is out. You can get it from any simtelnet mirror.

where is the binary and is the source

What's new since 1.05?

   * LZO-1.01
   * Binutils 2.8.1 support.
   * Updated stub.
   * Allegro 3.0 packfile support.
   * Some bugs killed.

I hope you find it useful.

bye, Laszlo

ps: If you want to use DJP with shareware or commercial programs, please
    read the 'legal issues' in the documentation.

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