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Subject: Please Help: Allegro 3.0 beta
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 16:47:23 -0600
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I just dl'd the Allegro 3.0 beta, and I have been very impressed so far.
However, I have some questions that can probably be answered fairly

1. AFAIK, the docs say that true color images don't use palettes, but
the RGB values are stored directly in the pixels (video mem, I guess). 
So how many R, G, or B values are there (63? 255?)?  Also, how to I
specify a color to use during drawing primitives (like putpixel) if
there is no palette?

2. Now for my next question:  How do I create a reasonably fast double
buffering system in true color (24-bit)?  I tried using the usual method
(scan under sprites, draw to buffer, blit buffer to screen, erase
sprites), but it's *extremely* slow on my Cyrix 5x86 75mhz (well, I
guess anything's going to be slow on my computer...).

3.  Also, does high color (16-bit) use the same "no-palette" methods as
true color?  And now my final question:  How do I use a transparent
color to draw 24-bit sprites? 

Thanks alot for your time and help:-)  Especially, thanks to Shawn for
creating such a cool library!!  Bye.


cellis AT voyageur DOT ca

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