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00:01:14 Re: RGB HSV functions that "actually work" (
00:16:34 Real mode -> Protected mode ptr conversion (
00:48:37 Mouse polling : Giving me a headache! HELP HELP HELP (Allegro). (Jamie Love)
00:53:52 Tracing the path of Software Interrupts (Gurunandan R. Bhat)
00:57:21 Re: Some comments and questions (Kris Heidenstrom)
01:16:18 function pointer (
01:16:19 vesa function ptr (
01:27:50 Int 0x10 and pointers (Mahadevan R.)
01:31:21 Library (Reinier Heeres)
05:49:44 Re: What's the djgpp's equivalence of "settextposition ()"? (Thomas Harte)
06:23:05 Rhide bug report (Graham & Dina)
06:32:35 Re: DOS stuff (Andreas Bierhals)
06:32:40 Re: Configuring perl5004 problem. (Michael R Weholt)
08:59:53 ANNOUNCE: ScreenFX for Allegro (Brett Leslie Porter)
09:40:21 dyad255 justin (Dyad255)
09:53:53 Re: Compiler is Killed by C source code ? (Vic)
10:36:28 Re: HELP! How do i return the size of a file in DJGPP C (John M. Aldrich)
10:36:30 MIDI library needed, here's the source (ron newman)
11:06:01 Re: Reading the command line (Erik Max Francis)
11:22:22 sorry for the multiple post (
11:22:24 Re: How does it work? (George Foot)
11:37:14 Re: Syntax differences between TASM and NASM (Michael Mauch)
11:37:16 Re: sprite editor (Ryan Blazecka)
13:18:01 Re: DOS stuff (Nate Eldredge)
13:18:04 DLX Dynamic Linking V2.1 (Luke Bishop)
13:22:22 Re: Real mode -> Protected mode ptr conversion (Nate Eldredge)
13:22:29 Re: Question of beginner .. (Nate Eldredge)
13:22:30 Re: Int 0x10 and pointers (Nate Eldredge)
13:22:35 Re: Errors in once program (Nate Eldredge)
13:22:47 Re: Library (Nate Eldredge)
13:39:09 MIPS cross compiler (Laszlo Vecsey)
13:52:16 Re: Real mode -> Protected mode ptr conversion (Paul Derbyshire)
14:05:56 SWORD 2.1 / GRX 2.0 feedback on generic VGA 640x480x16/256 drivers (Owen LaGarde)
14:44:42 Re: DLX Dynamic Linking V2.1 (Peter Palotas)
15:05:14 Re: C++ classes in assembly, mangling (
16:08:59 grx20 driving me mad! (Ole Winther)
16:20:01 Re: Sprite collision (David Jenkins)
16:50:36 Re: Allegro Newbie (sprites/tiles) (Barry Rodewald)
17:47:41 Advertisement: website Hosting (Info Desk)
18:20:19 Distribution tests causing SIGSEGV! (ron newman)
18:33:49 $1000/wk Donating Sperm (
18:49:06 Win95 weirdness (was Re: Configuring perl5004 problem) (Paul Derbyshire)
18:49:18 Beginners Question (john kismul)
21:20:42 Allegro installation. (
21:50:24 GNU C++, RTTI and Exception Handling (Mark Junker)
22:13:48 Re: Beginners Question (Guillermo Porras)
22:21:36 Out of mem so soon. (Guillermo Porras)
22:45:08 Re: Int 0x10 and pointers (Mahadevan R.)
22:48:57 Re: ' ^ ' (George Foot)
23:20:20 Re: slow startup on less ( (Weiqi Gao)
23:35:07 $1000/wk Donating Sperm (

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