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From: Raney Eden <raney AT gatech DOT campus DOT mci DOT net>
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Subject: Elusive 640x480 mode
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 17:53:18 -0500
Organization: CampusMCI
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My name is Raney Eden. I have begun trying to write an asteroids game in
C with DJGPP and Allegro.

I have a question. I use a background bitmap, a bitmap for my player's
ship, bullets, and asteroids.  I was trying to blit all of the necessary
bitmaps to a double buffer (after blitting the background, of
course)...and then after waiting for vsync()....I then attempted to blit
the entire 640x480 double buffer to the screen.

This seems slow and I had alot of difficulty with it....should it be
this hard to blit a 640x480 buffer onto the screen? How fast should it
be? Can you have an extremely FAST game with this technique even though
you are drawing about 25 objects on the screen (most of them being 70x70


Raney Eden aka Desperate Game Programmer!!!!!

PS I changed my resolution to 320 x 200 for now...and the technique
works fine...but I still want 640x480!

Thanks for any help you may give!!!

Check it out at

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