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From: "J.A. Bijsterbosch" <bijster AT worldonline DOT nl>
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Subject: Re: Alt-Tab slowdown running RHIDE under Windows 95
Date: 27 Oct 1997 17:53:00 GMT
Organization: Bijsterbosch Productions
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PDennis736 <pdennis736 AT aol DOT com> schreef in artikel
<19971025214201 DOT RAA00587 AT ladder01 DOT news DOT aol DOT com>...
> When running Rhide in a Dos box I find that any keyboard use involving
> Alt key becomes extremely slow. For example if pressing Alt+Tab there is
> delay before anything happens. This occurs on all windows applications
> while Rhide is running and also applies to menu access keys (eg Alt+F for
> the file menu) in all windows applications. The delay is very variable,
> anywhere from less than half a second up to several seconds. This does
> happen when other programs (such as qbasic) are running in a dos box and
> does not affect key presses not in conjunction with the alt key. Just
> starting Rhide without loading files etc. is enough to cause the problem.
> Has anyone else noticed this? I'm running Windows 95 4.00.950a with
> Microsoft Plus! on a Pentium MMX 200 with 48 Mb ram.

Hm, I have half of your resorces, W95( same version Dutch ) P90, 24Mb,
Rhide v.12c and I have no problems at all. What I don't have however is Ms

Perhaps the problem lies there.

Greetings from sunny Amsterdam,

    Jan Bijsterbosch

email: bijster AT worldonline DOT nl

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