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From: "Damien" <>
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Subject: Re: Problems running a simple C program using RHIDE on djgpp
Date: 28 Oct 1997 09:33:37 GMT
Organization: Beyond Reality
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Carlos Matos <cmatos AT sprintmail DOT com> wrote in article
<01bce339$8b185540$a32285ce AT default>...
> Hi there!
> This program is suppose to keep on reading from the standard imput file
> until the user press CTRL-D which should produce the end-of-file (eof). 
> Then the program prints the length of the character string.  The program
> works well until I press CTRL-D.  I trace the program using RHIDE and at
> that time s gets the value of \004 which is not equal to eof.  Therefore

Ctrl+D is EOF on UNIX... in DOS, it's Ctrl+Z.  I would imagine this is
what's causing your problem.

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