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Subject: Speeding up the arrow keys in emulated Dos console windows
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Date: 27 Oct 97 07:52:02 GMT
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Somewhere in the Cygwin32 implementation of the getch() and fread(stdin, &ch, 
n) code, there is a callback function with a WM_KEYDOWN case.

Whatever is responding when a key is pressed is _not_ looking at the count
field of the returned message.  Which explains why the arrow keys can't
move fast.  Since I can call up a Dos window under Windows 95 and run the
DJGPP version of pico.exe and the programmer's workshop version of micro-
emacs.exe in that Dos window, I can easily convince you that the arrow
keys are much more responsive in those ported Unix apps, and in the Borland 
(or DJGPP) versions of lynx.exe than under Cygwin.

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