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Subject: Need help with Allegro program
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 00:50:27 +1300
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I am trying to write a simple game using DJGPP and Allegro.  The game so
far only consists of a ship and a star background.

The game itself works great, but I have two problems.

1) The screen flickers badly at the top third of the screen.  I am using
a page flipping method, and am using the Mode-X resolution of 360x360. 
I have tried adding calls to vsync() just before the page flip, which
lessens the flicker (it is particularly noticeable when the ship is
moved into the top third of the screen, where it flickers), but also
slows the frame rate as well.

2) I have created the ship using Paint Shop Pro 4, which works OK, but
the palette used by the bitmap won't load correctly.  The bitmap is
8-bit, but the RGB values range from 0-255 (rather than 0-63).  I have
tried to use makecol8(), but keep getting compiler errors.  Can anyone
give me an example of how to properly use this function?  The bitmap and
palette are both stored in a datafile.  The palette was grabbed from the
same bitmap as the ship graphics.

If you can help, please e-mail me at bsr AT hn DOT pl DOT net

Thanks in advance,
Barry Rodewald.

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