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Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 11:25:59 +0200
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Gibby Koldenhof wrote:
> G'day I justed ported a fairly large project to djgpp, I haven't
> used djgpp in a *looong* time so I was wondering if some kind
> soul could help me out with the following questions ;
> 1. CLK_TCK doesn't seem to be defined (although it's ANSI)
>    bug ?

Do you include <time.h>? It's in there. I just checked.
> 3. For some strange reason the app. (a render engine) runs horribly
>    slow (watcom 10.6 pushes out 20 fps and djgpp only 13 fps)
>    so I must be mixing up some optimization switches, but I can't
>    figure out wich. I currently use ;
>    -O3 -fomit-frame-pointers -ffast-math

OK. Shouldn make your code pretty fast.

>    other switches I use are ;
>    -m486 

You should use -m386 (unless you're compiling for a 486 ofcourse)

>          (isn't there a -m586 ?)

Not yet.

>    -pedantic -Wall

Doesn't influence code generation at all.


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