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From: Vik Heyndrickx <Vik DOT Heyndrickx AT rug DOT ac DOT be>
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Subject: Re: Trouble with bools
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 10:42:58 +0200
Organization: University of Ghent, Belgium
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John M. Aldrich wrote:
> Mark Phillips wrote:
> >
> > bool scrn[640][480];
> >
> > [more code snipped]
> >
> >   // initialize scrn:
> >   for (int i=0; i<640; i++)
> >     for (int j=0; j<480; j++)
> >       scrn[i][j]=0;
> >
> > it never seems to leave the loop, what did i do wrong?
> This exact code, cut and pasted and compiled as C++ code, works
> perfectly on my computer.  Have you tried running your program under a
> debugger?  In any case, this most likely isn't your problem.
> > also, is this kind of question meant for a c++ group or is it ok to
> > post here?
> If the problem has something to do with DJGPP, then it's fine to post
> here.  This, however, looks like a generic language question, so
> comp.lang.c++ would be a much better place.  Of course, I, like many of
> us, am glad to help you out any time.  :)
Since your own understanding tells you it may or even might have
something to do with DJGPP, it is fine to post here. If you direct this
to comp.lang.c++ they will probably redirect you to this group.

| Vik Heyndrickx |

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