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Subject: NASM and RHIDE... can't get it working
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 16:27:57 +0100
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I've got two nasm related questions here, maybe someone knows how to fix

For some reasons, I can't get nasm working under rhide [version 13]...
using the extension .s starts the gnu assembler (not surprisingly), but
using .asm or .nsm does NOT (as is stated somewhere in rhide's
helpfiles) invoke nasm. What must I do to get it working (I guess I need
to enter some lines in djgpp.env, but what? If it is in the faq, tell
me, but I couldn't find this) ??
Using local options in a project DOES work, but since I can't even paste
the commandline to each assembler file, I don't want to use this method.

I've got another question: both tasm and masm supported that
lazy-coder-style of using mov eax,var instead of mov eax,[var]... Well
you get the point... my code does use this. Since the code has been
written for protected mode already (using Tran's pmode-c), it shouldn't
be too hard to convert, provided that I only have to convert system- and
function calls. But now I also have to convert all assembly instructions
thereselves... is there any conversion program for doing so?

Thanxx for all help... (BTW: Isn't it possible to include certain
extensions in some of rhide's config files, so I can manually add any
program I like??)

Please answer by e-mail as well, but if you do, please leave the 111's
out of the mail address (don't know how much spam there is in this
group, but I don't like to get it :))

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