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Orlando Andico wrote:
> It might have occurred to you that some mailers automagically encode all
> attachments (mine does -- PINE 3.96 for UNIX). Most of the Windows-based
> mailers encode attachments as MIME by default. So it might not be the
> previous poster's fault if he were unaware of this. In any case, words

"MIME" is not an encoding scheme for files; it's a formatting standard
for email and news messages.  MIME-formatted messages can contain any
type of content, from text to encoded binary, and even though the
formatting may look strange to a non-compliant reader, it's still plain

Most MIME-compliant mailers/posters can recognize the difference between
a text and a binary file and only encode binaries.  At the very least,
there should be an option to turn encoding on or off for a given

The original point is correct; uuencoded text is utterly ridiculous, and
anybody with more than five minutes of Usenet experience ought to know
that.  It could have been expressed a bit more politely, though.

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