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Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 00:14:46 -0400
To: "Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET)" <salvador AT inti DOT edu DOT ar>
From: Peter Palotas <blizzar AT hem1 DOT passagen DOT se>
Subject: RHIDE suggestion (was: RHIDE Question.)
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At 16.51 1997-10-14 +0000, you wrote:
>Peter Palotas <blizzar AT hem1 DOT passagen DOT se> wrote:
>> At 15.24 1997-10-14 +0000, you wrote:
>> >Peter Palotas <blizzar AT hem1 DOT passagen DOT se> wrote:
>> >
>> >> Is there any way to tell the RHIDE in what order to compile the project
>> >> files. It seems to be sorting them by their name right now, but this
>> >> not always be what you want. (Ofcourse you could change the name of the
>> >> file too, but this isn't a good solution according to me). If there
isn't a
>> >> way to do this, what about implementing it!? 
>> >
>> >This was discussed some time ago and nobody was able to show an example
>> >logic code ;-) that really needs a sequence of compilation/link.
>> >Why do you want to tell an specific order? I only make a similar thing
>> when I 
>> >want to test the compilation of one file without compiling the rest first,
>> for 
>> >this there are an option to compile one file.
>> Well, I think I can give an example. I want to compile a file which outputs
>> a headerfile (.h). And this file is included in some of the .C* files that
>> I compile. (Compile might be the wrong work, but anyway... I use some AWK
>> scripts/programs and CPP to generate a headerfile from several others
>> anyway, and this has to be created *before* any of the other files are
>> compiled).
>That's a very different thing until now I don't know  any way to make that. 
>That's one of the big problems with bison, flex and gperf all of this
>C files and they aren't supported.

Now that you mention this, I recall having this problem earlier too when
using Bison. So I don't quite understand what you meant when you said that
"noone could come up with a situation when this was neccessary!

>There are a way to force the order:
>1) Enable the option to add the directories in the project.
>2) Put the files that generates the .C files in a subdirectory called "A" or 
>3) Move the files there and adjust your tricks to generate the files over
>main directory of your project or other called B for example.
>RHIDE will order alphabetically but the subdirs will act as a prefix forcing 
>the sort ;-)

Well, yes, this is a method, although not a good one. (In my oppinion no
better than renaming the file itself). Why should RHIDE sort the files
anyway? I see no point whatsoever in *that*! Why not just add an option
*not* to sort the files, and being able to move them around in the project
window so that you could specify in what order to compile them!? 

I think this is a very good idea, and I'm sure that lots of people agree,
since it would really make life easier when using bison, and other programs
that generate .C files (or .H files for that matter).

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