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Paul Shirley (Paul AT no DOT spam DOT please) wrote:
: In article <Pine DOT SUN DOT 3 DOT 91 DOT 971008110125 DOT 28262M-100000 AT is>, Eli Zaretskii
: <eliz AT is DOT elta DOT co DOT il> writes
: >There are other solutions, but none of them is elegant.  This happens 
: >to be one of the ugliest problems in C.
: The 'elegant' solution is to #define the array size in a header (the
: same one you declare the array seems a good idea;) then use it in both
: the declaration and definition of the array.
: so..
: #define MYSIZE  (280)
: extern  char myarray[MSYIZE];
: ...later...
: #include <the header>
: char myarray[MYSIZE];
: This guarantees that all references to myarray see the same sized array.
: (And makes sure that make will keep all uses in sync as a bonus.)

Or, for the truly paranoid:

In the header:

  #define MY_ARRAY_SIZE (260)
  typedef char MyArrayType[MY_ARRAY_SIZE];
  extern MyArrayType myArray;

Somewhere in the source which includes this header:

  MyArrayType myArray;

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