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From: Thomas Demmer <demmer AT LSTM DOT Ruhr-UNI-Bochum DOT De>
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Subject: ANNOUNCE: libc patch site
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 11:30:42 +0200
Organization: Lehrstuhl fuer Stroemungsmechanik
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It is quite a hassle to keep libc up-to-date, 
keeping track of bugs, bugs that were fixed, and so
on. Also, there is a need to have a debuggable 
or a profiling libc. I have put a patched version
of libc on my ftp-server. You should _NOT_YET_ 
download it, as I am waiting for a bunch of patches from
ELi (he has a few days off). But you _CAN_SUBMIT_ patches 
for being incorporated. 
Here's the message file from

This is the unofficial home of the patched lib[cm].a for
DJGPP 2.01. It contains (well, will contain) the following files:        : libc.a and libm.a, patched to whatever gets sent to
                    me. This is for those who do not want to build
                    the libraries themselves.
00index.txt       : A one line description of every patch file       : Contains 
                      ptfXXXX.txt:  Description about the patch.
                      ptfXXXX.pat:  Source level patch file
                      foo.o      :  Objectfile with applied patch
                    The XXXX should ideally correspond to the bug
                    number in DJ bug tracking system, but this is
                    probably wishful thinking.        : All ptfs in a single file.         : libc_p.a and libc_q.a, for profiling and debugging

Applying a patch:

For the lazy:
Get, go to your djgpp subdirectory and unzip it. 
For the not so lazy:
Make a backup of lib/libc.a and lib/libm.a first.

For the less lazy:
Get the ptfs you want to install, extract the .o file
in your /djgpp/lib directory and say
 ar -svr libc.a newfile.o
to replace the old object in libc.a

For the hackers:
You'll need 
as a base line for applying source level patches. 

and install the sources under /djgpp/src.
unzip the required patchfile.
 patch < ptfXXXX.pat

Submitting a patch:

Go to

and create a bug report to obtain a bug number. 

 First, the patch should be tested and approved by at least 
two DJGPP gurus. I do not have the time to, and, even worse, hardly the
knowledge ;-)

Make a context diff against the old stock source. Put this into 
ptfXXXX.pat, where the XXXX is replaced by the bug number. 
The path should start relative to

 If you are sure it works, make a zip file with the
patchfile, a short description and the objectfile. Add
a commentline to the zip file with "-z".

The comment _MUST_ start with "PTFxxxx:"

 Upload the file to

_AND_ send a mail to

 demmer AT lstm DOT ruhr-uni-bochum DOT de


I am by no means responsible for any damage caused by faulty
patches and or overwritten or damaged libraries caused by
any of the procedures outlined above. If in doubt, read the
info files for ar, patch, and diff. That's what they are for.


Any comments, hints, and patches are appreciated. 

Once I have a reasonable number of patches, I'll update the
directory on an overnight basis (fingers crossed). I'll post
another announcement when I think this service is usable. 

If you want to mirror the directory, send me a PM to
agree on download times and adding a notice to the
message file. 

I hope this will make djgpp even better.


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