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Subject: Re: RHIDE Question.

Peter Palotas <blizzar AT hem1 DOT passagen DOT se> wrote:
> At 15.24 1997-10-14 +0000, you wrote:
> >Peter Palotas <blizzar AT hem1 DOT passagen DOT se> wrote:
> >
> >> Is there any way to tell the RHIDE in what order to compile the project
> >> files. It seems to be sorting them by their name right now, but this might
> >> not always be what you want. (Ofcourse you could change the name of the
> >> file too, but this isn't a good solution according to me). If there isn't a
> >> way to do this, what about implementing it!? 
> >
> >This was discussed some time ago and nobody was able to show an example (of 
> >logic code ;-) that really needs a sequence of compilation/link.
> >Why do you want to tell an specific order? I only make a similar thing
> when I 
> >want to test the compilation of one file without compiling the rest first,
> for 
> >this there are an option to compile one file.
> Well, I think I can give an example. I want to compile a file which outputs
> a headerfile (.h). And this file is included in some of the .C* files that
> I compile. (Compile might be the wrong work, but anyway... I use some AWK
> scripts/programs and CPP to generate a headerfile from several others
> anyway, and this has to be created *before* any of the other files are
> compiled).

That's a very different thing until now I don't know  any way to make that. 
That's one of the big problems with bison, flex and gperf all of this generates 
C files and they aren't supported.
There are a way to force the order:
1) Enable the option to add the directories in the project.
2) Put the files that generates the .C files in a subdirectory called "A" or 
3) Move the files there and adjust your tricks to generate the files over the 
main directory of your project or other called B for example.

RHIDE will order alphabetically but the subdirs will act as a prefix forcing 
the sort ;-)

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