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Subject: Re: GNU C++ Error or a feature or what?
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On Tue, 14 Oct 1997, Herman Geza wrote:

> 	Hi there!
> 	I have a little problem with GNU C++. When I make a struct type,
> 	and I add __attribute__((packed)), it doesn't work. The compiler
> 	behaves as if the __attribute__((packed)) wasn't there...
> 	If I compile my program with simple C, it works. 

I suspect the reason for this may be the one given in Sec 22.9 of the
DJGPP FAQ. In the absence of a code snippet, I can only guess and I hope I
am right! One possible reason is that the syntax for declaring
__attribute__ ((packed)) differs slightly between C and C++. In C++, you
need to declare the attribute after *every* member of the struct. For

struct tag{
	type1 member1 __attribute__ ((packed));
	type2 member2 __attribute__ ((packed));
	typen membern __attribute__ ((packed));
} instance;

In C this may be written only once at the end.

I hope this helps! 

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