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NGaBear1 wrote:
> trying to find the program to start  writing my programs. no clue where my
>  starting point is, i know the lines of program, but what program do i use?
>  maybe i am using the correct program to write my lines of my program and its
>  just something i am doing, but have no clue to what program i start off with

Are you looking for an IDE?  You don't need anything fancy to write
programs; a simple text editor like Windows' Notepad or DOS Edit will
suffice.  Save the file with a .c or .cc (for C++) extension and compile
away.  If you want a fancy IDE, there are several that work very well
with DJGPP.  First, there is RHIDE, a full Turbo C-style IDE designed
specifically for DJGPP.  Second, there is Emacs, a powerful extensible
editor with a somewhat steeper learning curve than RHIDE.  Both of these
are available on any SimTel site in the same place as DJGPP.

After you've written and saved the code, follow the instructions in
'readme.1st' to compile the program, or if you use RHIDE, use its
automatic compilation commands.

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