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Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 15:28:50 +0200
Subject: C and C++. Was: Re: Borland/djgpp functions
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>> as C++ program with no modifications at all), because C is a subset of
>C++ is a superset of C.
>int main(void)
>    return(6 / /* comment */ 3);
>which will compile beautifully as C (well, gcc would require -ansi
>but not as C++. I recall seeing more (and more real-world; how many people

There is one thing I do not understand: if C++ is a superset of C, as you
point out,
why are there some C programs not compiled by C++?

It seems like your nitpick is not correct too. :-)

Anyway I agree on one point: since there are some important differences
between the two languages (so it is not even correct to say that C++ is a
of C) it gets important to know if someone is talking about C or C++ when
have some problems.


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