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Eli Zaretskii wrote:

> This solves the problem with the size, but it still requires you to
> put the type of the variable in two different places.  What if one day
> you decide to make `myarray' int or long or an array of structs?

But how is this model any different than for functions?  If you want to
change the parameters or return type for a function, you have to change
it in the function definition as well as its declaration (i.e.,

Same thing with externals.  If you want to change the definition, you
have to change the "prototype" -- that is, the declaration.

> You put this into a header, then in one, and only one, source file
> say "#define DEFINE_VARS".  This is ugly, but it works.

Agh.  This is like patching a tiny little hole by blowing up the dam.

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