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Garfield Benjamin wrote:
> I already have added these two lines to my autoexec.bat file, but it
> appears they are not being processed.
That's what you should do, and they should work. They do for me. 
> So, if any of you guys who have been using DJGPP for some time
> would tell me, how does YOUR djgpp sessions work? As in do you
> also manually configure these settings?
NO! I put that in my autoexec and that's it.
> If it is normal, then that's okay. I have no problem manually
> doing it but, I was under the impression I could just auto-assign
> them in my start-up.
Yes, and it should work. If you really put those in autoexec (and didn't
do any typos) thn it must be a problem in your Win95 setup. 
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