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Date: Sat, 4 Oct 1997 14:13:44 +0000
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Subject: SciTech MGL 4.01 available; call for participants

Dear DJGPP Users,

SciTech Software has just uploaded the SciTech MGL 4.01 libraries 
with full source code to our ftp site. We now fully support DJGPP 
2.01 with the source code (you will need TASM to build the assembler 

Since the MGL is now a free project, we are interested in getting 
some DJGPP users to take a look at the MGL 4.01 source files. There 
are some problems in the DJGPP 2.01 support that have not been worked 
out (related to interrupt handling I think) so if some 
developers familiar with DJGPP and interrupt handling stuff could 
take a look at it (the problems are most likely localised in the 
PM/Pro library code) it would be appreciated.

Of course if you have any cool things you would like to add, or you 
want to port it to other OS'es like Linux (or to support the Cygnus 
Win32 port) feel free. It is now a free project so we enourage 
developers to sumbit changes and updates to us and we will include 
them in future releases.


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