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Shawn Lefebre wrote:
> Well this is pretty embarasing.  I jut downloaded all of the files for
> DJGPP, unzipped them, set up my autoexec the way they asked, and rebooted
> the computer.  I can't find out where the program is to start writing.  Or
> is there one there?  Does DJGPP have a program to write the program with a
> run button in it?  Or is it just a compiler?  Please let me know.  Also, I
> am a VERY new C programmer, I have experiance in Pascal and BASIC.  I can
> buy Borland C++ ver. 5.0 Development Suite(?) for $99 from my school
> bookstore.  Should I buy that?  Please let me know.  Any help is greatly
> appreciated.

I'm not too sure about Borland C/C++ 5.0, but if you are going to buy
things, why not consider buying something like:
1. A decent compiler independent C book like "The C Programming
2. A 2GB hard drive;  (So that you can download the whole DJGPP archive
and install most of the tools and the SOURCES.)

Weiqi Gao
weiqigao AT a DOT crl DOT com

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