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Date: 4 Oct 1997 17:52:39 GMT
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I am a new user of DJGPP...
If anyone could help me, I'd really appreciate it.

I'm not new to programming (been using Basic, C and Assembler
for 17 years now) but, I am new to DJGPP.

Anyway, what exactly does DJGPP do, if installed correctly?

On my set-up, I have to manually set the path/env assigns at the
DOS-prompt before I can use DJGPP.

If I've just turned on my machine (P133MHz), Windows95 boots then
I select the MS-DOS Prompt option to bring up a DOS-window.

Now, I try to compile a program with gcc and it cannot find it's

However, if I enter the following two lines at the >prompt...


... now, gcc will compile fine.

I already have added these two lines to my autoexec.bat file, but it
appears they are not being processed.

So, if any of you guys who have been using DJGPP for some time
would tell me, how does YOUR djgpp sessions work? As in do you
also manually configure these settings?

If it is normal, then that's okay. I have no problem manually 
doing it but, I was under the impression I could just auto-assign
them in my start-up.

Take  care,
e-mail: gbenjam AT sosbbs DOT com

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