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From: Derek Greene <topcoder AT mindspring DOT com>
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Subject: Re: Nasm-Djgpp link errors
Date: Sat, 04 Oct 1997 09:32:58 -0400
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Sam Davies wrote:
> Ok... when I try to compile the COFFTEST.ASM file (which comes with
> NASM) along with the COFFTEST.C file on RHIDE, I get the following two
> errors:
> Error: c:/djgpp/lib\crt0.o(.data+0x92):crt0.s: undefined reference to
> `main'
> Error: c:/djgpp/lib/libc.a(crt1.o)(.text+0x312):crt1.c: undefined
> reference to `main'
> Also... I had to comment out the following lines (in COFFTEST.ASM) to
> avoid a bunch of other errors:
>     GLOBAL _lrotate ; [1]
>     GLOBAL _greet      ; [1]
>     GLOBAL _asmstr  ; [2]
>     GLOBAL _textptr ; [2]
>     GLOBAL _selfptr ; [2]
>     GLOBAL _integer ; [3]
> Everything else is exactly as it came in the NASM distribution .ZIP
> file... but as far as I can tell, this these are completely unrelated...
> Can someone who has successfully gotten NASM files to link with DJGPP
> files (on RHIDE) help me?  Thanks alot!
>     Sam
> --
> Sam Davies <sdavies AT mail DOT trilogy DOT net>

the problem is with your djgpp installation....least thats what it
appeared to be when i was having those problems....i real installed and
it worked fine

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